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We Rise Mag was created to showcase, promote, and give exposure to many up and coming talented individuals.

About Us

Philana Aiken is a photographer that loves every min of what she does. She started in 2000 working for Walmart Portrait Studio where she began to learn how to take family portraits. From the very beginning she loved working with children and making her clients happy by creating special memories and capturing important moments with her unique style of photography that would last a lifetime. In 2003 she began to work for Sears Portrait Studio and became very well known for her creativity, enthusiasm and passion for photography throughout the entire business. In 2010 she became a manager for Sears Portrait and began to travel all over Long Island from studio to studio and most of her customers would follow. April 2013 she decided to step out and start her own photography business Phenomenal Reflections. Since then Phenomenal Reflections has been featured in several magazines and has also done work for PK Book Publishers Inc. Her photography is specialized in family portraits, newborns and children of all ages. She also works with models and does events of all kinds. She has worked with many different designers and celebrities along the way. Philana is a wonderful photographer and her work speaks for itself. Give her a shot and she will give you a lasting memory

Darryl Brooks is a Long Island based freelance photographer. Darryl started out taking behind the scene shots at photo shoots for his photography friends, and candid shots at convention. He decided to take photography serious in the summer of 2013 after receiving great response to what would be his first official photo shoot. Since than his passion for photography has grown and has driven him to learn as much as he can, improve on his craft, and teach others what he has learned. Darryl has worked with a variety of models at his shoot events as well as private shoots. During a convention weekend he can hold up to 20 private shoots with cosplayers that attend. His work have been featured on various websites/blogs, and in magazines. With a few family and dance photo shoots under his belt he is constantly looking to improve and learn more. He now looks to venture more into other types of photography including youth sports, dance, family and events. Darryl, while remaining professional can still make every photo shoot a fun experience for his client. His goal is to freeze a moment in time that you can cherish forever.

Philana and Darryl met a few years back. Since then they have helped each other improve at photography, they also have worked with each other on various photo shoots and projects.  They recently worked on a dance photo shoot together and the client was extremely happy with the end results. It was a fun experience plus a break from the norm for Philana and Darryl. They realized there is a market for their type of out-of-the box dance poses. They want to offer a better experience and photos while still beating the price of other photographers. They will give you more for less…

D. Brooks Photo82 & Phenomenal Reflections 

Dance Photography

Single Outfit

(3) Digital images
(1) Collage
(1) Team shot

Double Outfit

(8) Digital images

(1) Collage for each outfit

(1) Collage with both outfits

(1) Team shot for each outfit

Triple Play


(15) Digital images

(1) Collage for each outfit

(1) Collage of all outfits
(1) Team shot for each outfit

Own your images! You will not be given prints, but a digital file(s) you can use to have prints made.

$10 each additional image

$10 Team shot
$15 3 image collage

$20 4 image collage
$20 mock magazine cover