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One of Few Book Review

Posted by KGabriele on May 22, 2017 at 8:50 PM

Ms. Terri Doty’s first novel, One of Few is what I’d call a satisfying read that’s exciting and full of newness to the science fiction genre. Not to give much about the plot away, it tells about a girl named Eleven. She lives on a military-esque base and holds the position of a “locator”. This means she’s vitally important to finding various objects and having the unique ability of taking them out of the void. Nevertheless, despite being one of the few who has this ability, she is treated extremely poorly by the others around her base. She is taken on missions, usually being escorted by a team of guardians to protect her, but the mission quickly goes wrong as a mysterious figure poses as her and separates her from her oblivious protectors. Finding herself in over her head, Eleven meets with many new faces and finds out more about what’s going on around her, instead of being kept in the dark about what her role is in this whole system.

I feel that not many science fiction books have been written lately (or at least ones worth reading), but One of Few is a read that you should definitely pick up and read for yourself. Tellingly influenced by a wide knowledge of the science fiction genre, for those of you out there who are looking for a book written by someone who knows what they’re talking about and can create an effective universe, this is the book you’ll want to be reading for yourself. As someone who has bottle fed on science fiction, I tend to be picky with what I read, especially within the genre, but this novel has a raw, effective realness to science fiction that we haven’t seen in a while. It’s got an almost noir feel to it, but not so melancholy that we end up sad or tired of the characters’ plights. It balances itself out with an ironic humor that very few have mastered. This pleasing equilibrium to the book, alone, makes it a reason to be read.

One of Few packs quite the punch, especially in the dialogue. For those of you who are familiar with Ms. Doty’s script writing, you can definitely hear her tone (and her voice) speaking through some of the lines, especially the sass that Eleven often has coming towards the ones who find themselves on her bad side. Having such a sardonic character at the helm makes her feel very relatable and likeable, so even from a few pages, you find it easy to get carried away with her on the adventure that she finds herself in. When Eleven finds herself lost and disoriented, you, as the reader, find yourself in her shoes, searching and scanning the crowd along with her. She treasures the little things, especially being beaten, battered, and tormented by a system that's corrupted in many different ways. There were so many moments in this book where I found myself cheering for Eleven’s accomplishments and growing angry for her when she was being mistreated. It made for a very engaging read, especially to read out loud. Being as what I read was the first arc of this novel, I can’t wait to see what else Eleven and the other characters of this book have, after all, not to spoil anything for you, but this book definitely leaves you wanting more.

Ms. Doty's book will be released tomorrow, May 23rd! Be sure to pick up your copy wherever it's being sold! 

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