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Game of Thrones

Posted by Alora Phacia on April 26, 2016 at 12:00 AM


Game of Thrones yeah! Game of Thrones! Now, I love Game of Thrones. So when I heard Telltale game was making a Game of Thrones game, I was SO EXCITED! I couldn't wait to have my decisions impact everything! And all the death. I mean...it wouldn't be Game of Thrones without all the death. And neither one disappointed except in maybe my heart.

You are House Forrester, rulers of Ironrath, which include five playable characters, all in an attempt to save their family and themselves after ending up in the losing side of the War of the Five Kings.

This is just awesome. I was shocked by decisions. I was in it. I was ready to take on everyone for House Forrester. I was like a kid in the candy shop when you got to see all your favorite characters from the Game of Thrones series to come to life. I am so happy they are working on a season 2. I was just incredibly sad because as you well know...Game of Thrones kills everyone you love. And well...that's really true in this game. I was constantly on the fence of playing strategically....or just causing a war and killing everyone. There was a lot of difficult decisions and heartbreaking ones. Also....I will forever hate Ramsey. But you'll see why.

If you love the Game of Thrones series as much as I do, definitely give this a chance, I loved being a smaller house and seeing how things are effected from the outcome of the main story line. What you do, definitely impacts everything else.


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