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Loot Crate Anime January 2016 - "Equip"

Posted by KGabriele on March 5, 2016 at 4:15 PM

I have to say that this crate had me extremely excited, even before I received it in the mail! With items from Akame Ga Kill, Stein’s Gate, and Dragonball Z… what isn’t there to be excited about?!

The first item in my crate was a shirt from Kill La Kill. Featuring the easily recognized Scissor Blade, it’s a very comfortable shirt with an awesome design! For those of you out there who love Kill La Kill, this shirt was definitely worth it!

The next item was a weapon-pen from Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. I have to admit that I don’t know much about this game series, but the pen is freakin’ awesome, regardless! These weapon pens are not new to Loot Crate’s items, but they’re great collectables!

A tote bag from Akame Ga Kill was the next item I pulled out of my crate! It’s a decent sized bag, great to hold library books in or to carry around a convention if you need to hold things that you bought in the dealer’s room. It features all the Imperial Arms on the front. I just recently watched this show, and having memorabilia from it is fantastic! I have to figure what I’m going to use it for… maybe to hold socks…… hmm…..

The next item in my crate is definitely the most exciting one! If you don’t own one already, we received was a toy scouter from Dragonball Z. There were two available colors, green and red. I received the red one, and it’s awesome! It’s not just for children, as the head part is adjustable! It makes for a great, simple cosplay item that looks great, and if you wanted to buy the other color, they’re not that expensive! Made of plastic, it’s not that fragile and could probably hold up at a convention if you wanted to wear it around all day!

Our anime edible for this crate was the ever-popular Hi-Chew! I received cherry flavor. For those of you who’ve never had or heard of them, they’re candies that are very similar to Starbursts, but are a bit larger and literally melt in your mouth. These are definitely some of my favorite candy and come in a variety of flavors! If you haven’t tried them, go and buy them! I know a certain deli in Patchogue, Long Island that definitely sells them! :D

The manga for this crate, was Steins; Gate volume 1. I didn’t own this, but to now have it in my hands was thrilling! Despite the fact that it’s not necessarily a new show, it’s one of the best ones that I’ve seen. This manga only has two volumes that have been released in the US, and the third is to be released in April! An almost Shakespearean tale about the consequences of time travel and messing with the present; it’s a show that you should go check out if you’re one for suspense!

The charm that was given in January’s Loot Anime Crate is once again great! I actually think I like this better than the buttons in the regular Loot Crate. They’re much prettier and have a much wider useage than regular pins.

Equip’s poster is also nice, though I have to admit that I can imagine these starting to become dust collectors after you purchase enough of the crates. They’re beautifully designed and much more compact than the small magazines of the regular Loot Crate, but I also miss the articles about the nerdy content inside. Though it does give more room for more content in each crate, so they are actually a pretty good idea, especially for a specialty crate like these!

The crate is also beautifully designed. I’ve grown very fond of using these to send out Christmas presents at the end of the year, since they’re so pretty and by folding them inside out, you can reuse them without worrying about the previous labels!

I can’t finish saying how much I’m a fan of Loot Crate Anime. It’s really wonderful for anime fans, especially ones that watch a wide variety of shows, rather than a wide variety from all of geek culture, Loot Crate Anime is a specialty crate that really helps cater to those fans that wait with baited break for the next anime item they receive. Now the waiting only goes from month to month! You can check out more at LootCrate.com, not only about Loot Anime, but Loot Gaming and Loot Pets as well! The Loot Crate brand is really starting to branch out in new and exciting ways! 

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