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Loot Crate Anime Unboxing - December 2015 "Enchant"

Posted by KGabriele on January 21, 2016 at 4:25 PM

This is the second box of Loot Anime, and because of a sudden item change, it arrived a month late, so I’ll be reviewing two crates this month! The December theme is Enchant, and it features many different items from some well-loved series that you’ll all probably recognize!

The first item that I found when I first opened my crate, was a t-shirt from the new series Rokka: Braves of the Six Flowers. It’s a beautiful t-shirt with many different colors, and has the names of the main characters printed on it. I think it’s a beautiful shirt, even though I have yet to watch this series! This was the replacement item, but I think it’s quite beautiful and it makes me excited to watch the show myself!

The next item I opened was a welcome sight during this cold weather. A replica of Natsu’s scarf from Fairy Tail was what I found, and it’s awesome! I haven’t watched much of Fairy Tail, because I plan on marathoning it, but it’s a very warm, comfortable scarf! It’s very soft material and is officially licensed from both FUNimation and Kodansha, but also through Loot Crate as an exclusive!

After taking out the clothing items, I saw a bag of the ever popular Konpeito Star candy! I absolutely LOVE these, and even though the little candies aren’t as big as the ones you can get in Chinatown, they’re still absolutely delicious, and I’m happy to have another bag that I can stash away! They come in a resealable bag, so you don’t have to eat them all at once, which is always a good thing!

A keychain was the next item that I took out of the crate. Featuring Riku’s keyblade “Wait the Dawn” from Kingdom Hearts, it’s a nice pewter keychain that has a decent amount of weight to it and is beautiful to look at.

Is it Wrong to Try to Pick Girls Up in a Dungeon? Well, whether or not it’s wrong, that’s where the next item from the crate came from! This, unfortunately, is another show that I haven’t seen but has made it’s way onto my queue, so I’m not sure where the logo is from, but if you know, feel free to comment below! I’d appreciate the knowledge!

As I get to the bottom of the crate, I find a familiar figure staring back at me. Madoka from Puella Magi Madoka Magica is featured in an exclusive art print from the same designer of the poster that we received with this crate. It came wrapped in plastic, with cardboard backing, and it’s a beautiful print. It’d be a really nice piece to get signed at a convention or even just to display in a small place on your wall. It’s not a huge print, just a bit smaller than a card envelope, but it’s beautiful and comes nicely packaged.

The last item was another phone charm to go along with last month’s theme. It’s a beautiful phone charm made of metal and the design is covered with plastic. It has both the string and the headphone jack ending, so it can be used with a plethora of devices. It’s a lovely charm, and it makes me wonder if these phone charms are the equivalent of the pins to the regular Loot Crate subscription.

Instead of the booklet to the normal Loot Crate, we received another poster. On one side, there’s every item in the box with a short description, and on the other side, we got a beautiful print of a magical girl. It’s a really nice poster, designed by Barachan.

The box, as usual, is beautifully designed! With a mainly purple color scheme, it goes very well with the theme.It’s a lovely box, even though it can’t be folded into something else, like the other Loot Crate boxes, but it’s still a beautiful box that would be wonderful to hold whatever you need it to hold!

All in all, I was very satisfied with this crate, even though I hadn’t watched many of the shows that were featured. It only gave me more of a reason to watch the included shows! It was worth the month wait, as Loot Crate did keep us updated with the status of the crates and what was happening. That kind of communication was very appreciated. I look forward to the next crate, which features more shows that I know! But I find this crate a great value, especially if you watch a wide range of anime. You can find out more on Lootcrate.com, where they have many other subscription boxes with all kinds of nerdy items!

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