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The Wolf Among Us

Posted by Alora Phacia on January 13, 2016 at 3:35 PM


Prepare yourself so a tale that you most certain won't forget. Have you ever wanted to know what happened after the fairy tales after they got their fairy tale ending. The wolf among us explains it all. In an unforgettable story where you follow Bigby, and things in Fabletown are not as what they appear to be. The game is played in Telltales normal game fashion. Point and click action, where your character can interact with certain items and then action sequences.

Now at first, the game is slow and I wasn't into it as much as the Walking Dead, but I'm also a zombie addict. But as I continued into the storyline I fell in love with it like any Telltale Game. I didn't think I would seeing the hardship that fairytales I know and loved as a kid, where now living a life very much like mine. (And I mean Belle and Beast....I hope not the other stuff.) Though, I feel like being mean in that game...is really MEAN. I felt really really bad about some of the things you end up doing. But, I mean you are the Big Bad Wolf trying to turn your life around.

Definitely check it out! I did notice there are a lot of glitches, and twice I had to restart the game because it was messing up so much.


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