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First Anime Loot Crate Review!!!!

Posted by KGabriele on December 12, 2015 at 4:25 PM

As much as I enjoyed the old Loot Crate, when I heard that they had come out with a subscription box that would feature purely anime items, I had to jump on board, unfortunately leaving my old subscription behind. But as many of you enjoy anime, I thought this would be a better investment, and man, was I far from disappointed!

As many of you know (at least if you’ve met me in real life), Attack on Titan is my favorite anime, and what was greeting me as I opened the box? The mug pictured above. Green and translucent, it has the Recon Corps logo emblazoned on one side and the anime’s title on the other, and I loved it! Since I got this box last month, it has since been used for hot chocolate and mug cakes. It’s a standard size, but I love the see-through quality of it. I’ve never seen translucent mugs before.

The next item that I took out of the box was one of the blind figure collections, this time featuring many fan favorites from Aniplex and FUNimation titles, like Black Butler, Attack on Titan, Fairy Tail, and Sword Art Online, along with others! When I opened mine, I was excited to find Soul “Eater” Evans from the anime of the same name, Soul Eater. He’s about an inch tall and he’s cute, currently sitting by my TV in my room.

Of course, Loot Crate is always known for having great t-shirts, and this was no exception! Coming from Naruto, we received a shirt from the Akatsuki group that all anime fans can at least say looks familiar, even if they haven’t read or watched Naruto. This shirt made me quite nostalgic, especially considering that the manga has ended, since it feels like forever since I’ve indulged. Maybe I should go back… is this the sign I was looking for?

Now, what anime crate would be complete without some manga to seal the deal? With the new release of the Netflix Exclusive anime, Seven Deadly Sins, this crate gave us the first book of the manga. Now, shamefully, I admit that I haven’t watched it yet, even though the main character is dubbed by the amazing Bryce Papenbrook, but nevertheless, having the manga gives me more of a reason to check it out!

The next item made me laugh, especially considering that I didn’t even know that these were a thing. Attack on Titan bandages are, in a way, kind of cruelly ironic, considering that band-aids won’t help many of the characters… but nonetheless, these are really cute little items! There weren’t too many of each design, so I’ll have to ration them, but they’re adorable and seem flexible, like any good quality bandage of its kind!

Instead of a magazine for this subscription box, the anime Loot Crates feature a poster with a cool anime design on the front and descriptions of each item on the back. I apologize for the picture being not of the best quality, but it was huge and I couldn’t hold it efficiently and snap a picture at the same time without falling head over heels in a bad way.

This little charm was put in the crate because I subscribed to the premier box of Loot Crate. I’m not sure what the Kanji says on it (bonus points and appreciation to those who can tell me!), but it was a nice, metal charm that I put on my camera after snapping the picture!

The Crate, as usual, was decorated, and I think it’s cute, especially considering that they featured many of the designs that would be great with the figure received in the box! It’s also a great sized box that I look forward to resending out with someone’s holiday gift in it… not sure who’s going to get which box though…. Nevertheless, this Loot Crate didn't come with the collectable pin that I'm used to seeing. Sure, there was a phone charm, but the pins were such a staple of the Loot Crate brand, I thought all of the related crates would have them, but oh well! Everything else was great! I'm not going to let it take away from my enjoyment! 

All in all, Loot Crate delivered quite well, and I look forward to the next anime box that I’ll be receiving later this month! These boxes are a bit more expensive, but I think they’re worth it if you like anime! Going for about $20 if you go one month at a time, I chose to go for three months at a time, but I’m probably going to update to the annual plan, since I like it so much! Definitely go check it out! The next theme is Enchant and promises items from Fairy Tail and other shows! Here’s my referral link (http://looted.by/dhBKV ) if you want to check out Loot Crate or any of it’s other crates (they have many, including one for your furry friend! And by furry friend I mean, your pet… just to clarify). All of them are good value and send like clockwork near the end of the month! I love these crates because they’re a great way to treat yourself without going crazy on merchandise that tends to be expensive, especially if you buy it at convention.

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