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Game of Thrones

Posted by Alora Phacia on April 26, 2016 at 12:00 AM Comments comments (1)


Game of Thrones yeah! Game of Thrones! Now, I love Game of Thrones. So when I heard Telltale game was making a Game of Thrones game, I was SO EXCITED! I couldn't wait to have my decisions impact everything! And all the death. I mean...it wouldn't be Game of Thrones without all the death. And neither one disappointed except in maybe my heart.

You are House Forrester, rulers of Ironrath, which include five playable characters, all in an attempt to save their family and themselves after ending up in the losing side of the War of the Five Kings.

This is just awesome. I was shocked by decisions. I was in it. I was ready to take on everyone for House Forrester. I was like a kid in the candy shop when you got to see all your favorite characters from the Game of Thrones series to come to life. I am so happy they are working on a season 2. I was just incredibly sad because as you well know...Game of Thrones kills everyone you love. And well...that's really true in this game. I was constantly on the fence of playing strategically....or just causing a war and killing everyone. There was a lot of difficult decisions and heartbreaking ones. Also....I will forever hate Ramsey. But you'll see why.

If you love the Game of Thrones series as much as I do, definitely give this a chance, I loved being a smaller house and seeing how things are effected from the outcome of the main story line. What you do, definitely impacts everything else.


The Life is Strange

Posted by Alora Phacia on April 18, 2016 at 10:25 AM Comments comments (0)


I went through a kick of games, all the choose your destiny type games. So here we go!

So who wouldn't want to be a photography student with the ability to rewind time at any moment?! Welcome to the butterfly effect. After foreseeing an approaching storm, our heroine Maxine Caulfield is going to take matters into her own hands and try to prevent it from happening, or at least try to warn people of the impending doom.

Now, my friends all told me I would love this game. I love the Telltale games (Walking Dead, Wolf Among Us, ect), so I was really excited to play this one. And honestly...I didn't understand all the hype. But everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Now I'll explain both the high points and the low points for myself.

The Good:

I LOVED the mechanics of the game. I think every decision based game should play out exactly like The Life is Strange. I didn't think it would be as wonderful as it was. But it was incredibly smooth and interactive to pull you into the story.

Though this is rather a funny statement....the main character actually changed her clothes on a new day in the game. Now, I feel like most games don't ever represent this, so it was a classy touch for me, to actually see that I needed to change my clothes and stop stinking up the place.

The Bad:

The storyline.....is INCREDIBLE predictable. Now when I say, I wasn't surprised by anything. I mean it. I saw everything coming a mile away, and I hoped with rewinding time something would be surprising...but it wasn't.

Character development was also a big no no for me. Okay we have a weird girl, the queen bee, a jock, the good girl gone bad, the girl everyone picks on, an emotional character, the goofy love interest, everything was the standard generic characters that I was hoping we'd get a good development on...but....the only one that gets a decent development is Max.

If you want something sort of casual to play this would be the game for you. And I will admit, I did beat all of the chapters because I wanted to know how the finale really ended, even though I knew it was coming. And of course you might really really enjoy it and be like this girl is crazy. But remember the butterfly effect is a dosey.


February 2016 Loot Crate Anime - "Haunted"

Posted by KGabriele on March 8, 2016 at 6:50 PM Comments comments (0)

I just received my latest Loot Crate Anime, and I have to say that I have a few mixed feelings about this box. There were some items that were really, really awesome, and some that I feel fell a bit short.

The t-shirt for this crate was themed with RWBY, the popular online show developed by Rooster Teeth. It’s a great shirt, even though I’m not particularly familiar with the series, as I don’t particularly like the animation style, though I have many friends that watch it and LOVE it!

The next item that I took out of the box was our anime food item, which is the Pretz Hot Chile salad sticks. These crackers are similar to Pocky, as they’re just snack sticks, but they have a more savory flavor and don’t have a covering. I like to eat these with soup, as they’re wonderfully complimentary, but they’re great on-the-go snacks or for car eating!

The next item is my favorite item in the box! I wasn’t sure what these were at first, but I knew that it had to do with the popular show Tokyo Ghoul. As I opened the box, I pulled out two bubble-wrapped shot glasses. I didn’t even know they made anime shot glasses! I still have yet to watch Tokyo Ghoul, but it’s on my queue, and these shot glasses make me all the more excited to watch it!

Our manga for this crate was an exclusive Noragami first issue! I adore this show, and to now own the first volume of the manga is really exciting! Featuring a variant cover, it’s a pretty good sized book, which is wonderful. I really like these manga volumes, but I’m going to have to bulk up on my collecting at this rate!

Going back to RWBY, the next item in the crate was a set of two small field notebooks that are pretty cute! These little field note books have been put into Loot Crates before (I still have a set from the Spy-themed crate from last year), but instead they are designed to be themed to RWBY, as shown in the pictures above!

In this crate, we also received a bandana. As I pulled this out, I didn’t know what show this was from, but as I looked on the back of our exclusive poster, I learned that it wasn’t from a show at all, but rather is given in the crate to celebrate the Setsubun Festival which takes place in February (which is when this crate was supposed to be delivered). It features a Japanese Oni and can be worn on the face, so his magnificent teeth can be worn over your face, though, like all bandanas, this item is versatile!

A patch from Soul Eater was the next item in the crate. I wished that there were more Soul Eater items in the crate, but this is a really nice patch. Taking it out of the plastic wrapping, it’s very soft to the touch and is a good quality patch. I have to figure out where I’m going to put it though.

We received a double-sided bookmark for Rooster Teeth to go along with the RWBY items in the crate. It features an advertisement for both the show and the company itself, as they’re offering a free 30-day trial to their website.

The last item in our crate was the exclusive phone charm. Featuring a haunted mirror to accompany the theme, this charm was much different than the others, and I have to say, is probably my favorite one so far. It’s beautiful and nicely decorated. You wouldn’t know it was from a Loot Crate, except for the logo on the back.

Our exclusive poster was also very nice, though I’m not sure what to do with these posters, besides collect them all. They’re beautifully decorated and this one is a lot of fun, so I might hang it up and make some wall space.

Finally, the box itself! I think this is my favorite box design, just because I'm a sucker for haunted house aesthetics! It's a very nicely designed box that has quite a lot to look at! Even though it doesn't fold as nicely into a treasure chest or something like the others, I like this one! It'll make a really cute Halloween decoration if you need a backdrop for your Halloween village or something! 

All in all, I was really excited for this theme, but felt a bit bombarded with the RWBY items, especially considering that they advertised different franchises only to include one item from each. Granted, it was only two items (not counting the bookmark), but I thought it was going to be a bit more diverse, especially considering that I don’t watch the series. However, it was a decent crate, though not one of my favorites, even though I was very excited for this theme! You can find more information on Lootcrate.com! They have quite a few different types of boxes, not just anime, and the items are pretty good value for what you pay! Definitely check it out if you’re interested!

Loot Crate Anime January 2016 - "Equip"

Posted by KGabriele on March 5, 2016 at 4:15 PM Comments comments (0)

I have to say that this crate had me extremely excited, even before I received it in the mail! With items from Akame Ga Kill, Stein’s Gate, and Dragonball Z… what isn’t there to be excited about?!

The first item in my crate was a shirt from Kill La Kill. Featuring the easily recognized Scissor Blade, it’s a very comfortable shirt with an awesome design! For those of you out there who love Kill La Kill, this shirt was definitely worth it!

The next item was a weapon-pen from Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. I have to admit that I don’t know much about this game series, but the pen is freakin’ awesome, regardless! These weapon pens are not new to Loot Crate’s items, but they’re great collectables!

A tote bag from Akame Ga Kill was the next item I pulled out of my crate! It’s a decent sized bag, great to hold library books in or to carry around a convention if you need to hold things that you bought in the dealer’s room. It features all the Imperial Arms on the front. I just recently watched this show, and having memorabilia from it is fantastic! I have to figure what I’m going to use it for… maybe to hold socks…… hmm…..

The next item in my crate is definitely the most exciting one! If you don’t own one already, we received was a toy scouter from Dragonball Z. There were two available colors, green and red. I received the red one, and it’s awesome! It’s not just for children, as the head part is adjustable! It makes for a great, simple cosplay item that looks great, and if you wanted to buy the other color, they’re not that expensive! Made of plastic, it’s not that fragile and could probably hold up at a convention if you wanted to wear it around all day!

Our anime edible for this crate was the ever-popular Hi-Chew! I received cherry flavor. For those of you who’ve never had or heard of them, they’re candies that are very similar to Starbursts, but are a bit larger and literally melt in your mouth. These are definitely some of my favorite candy and come in a variety of flavors! If you haven’t tried them, go and buy them! I know a certain deli in Patchogue, Long Island that definitely sells them! :D

The manga for this crate, was Steins; Gate volume 1. I didn’t own this, but to now have it in my hands was thrilling! Despite the fact that it’s not necessarily a new show, it’s one of the best ones that I’ve seen. This manga only has two volumes that have been released in the US, and the third is to be released in April! An almost Shakespearean tale about the consequences of time travel and messing with the present; it’s a show that you should go check out if you’re one for suspense!

The charm that was given in January’s Loot Anime Crate is once again great! I actually think I like this better than the buttons in the regular Loot Crate. They’re much prettier and have a much wider useage than regular pins.

Equip’s poster is also nice, though I have to admit that I can imagine these starting to become dust collectors after you purchase enough of the crates. They’re beautifully designed and much more compact than the small magazines of the regular Loot Crate, but I also miss the articles about the nerdy content inside. Though it does give more room for more content in each crate, so they are actually a pretty good idea, especially for a specialty crate like these!

The crate is also beautifully designed. I’ve grown very fond of using these to send out Christmas presents at the end of the year, since they’re so pretty and by folding them inside out, you can reuse them without worrying about the previous labels!

I can’t finish saying how much I’m a fan of Loot Crate Anime. It’s really wonderful for anime fans, especially ones that watch a wide variety of shows, rather than a wide variety from all of geek culture, Loot Crate Anime is a specialty crate that really helps cater to those fans that wait with baited break for the next anime item they receive. Now the waiting only goes from month to month! You can check out more at LootCrate.com, not only about Loot Anime, but Loot Gaming and Loot Pets as well! The Loot Crate brand is really starting to branch out in new and exciting ways! 

Loot Crate Anime Unboxing - December 2015 "Enchant"

Posted by KGabriele on January 21, 2016 at 4:25 PM Comments comments (0)

This is the second box of Loot Anime, and because of a sudden item change, it arrived a month late, so I’ll be reviewing two crates this month! The December theme is Enchant, and it features many different items from some well-loved series that you’ll all probably recognize!

The first item that I found when I first opened my crate, was a t-shirt from the new series Rokka: Braves of the Six Flowers. It’s a beautiful t-shirt with many different colors, and has the names of the main characters printed on it. I think it’s a beautiful shirt, even though I have yet to watch this series! This was the replacement item, but I think it’s quite beautiful and it makes me excited to watch the show myself!

The next item I opened was a welcome sight during this cold weather. A replica of Natsu’s scarf from Fairy Tail was what I found, and it’s awesome! I haven’t watched much of Fairy Tail, because I plan on marathoning it, but it’s a very warm, comfortable scarf! It’s very soft material and is officially licensed from both FUNimation and Kodansha, but also through Loot Crate as an exclusive!

After taking out the clothing items, I saw a bag of the ever popular Konpeito Star candy! I absolutely LOVE these, and even though the little candies aren’t as big as the ones you can get in Chinatown, they’re still absolutely delicious, and I’m happy to have another bag that I can stash away! They come in a resealable bag, so you don’t have to eat them all at once, which is always a good thing!

A keychain was the next item that I took out of the crate. Featuring Riku’s keyblade “Wait the Dawn” from Kingdom Hearts, it’s a nice pewter keychain that has a decent amount of weight to it and is beautiful to look at.

Is it Wrong to Try to Pick Girls Up in a Dungeon? Well, whether or not it’s wrong, that’s where the next item from the crate came from! This, unfortunately, is another show that I haven’t seen but has made it’s way onto my queue, so I’m not sure where the logo is from, but if you know, feel free to comment below! I’d appreciate the knowledge!

As I get to the bottom of the crate, I find a familiar figure staring back at me. Madoka from Puella Magi Madoka Magica is featured in an exclusive art print from the same designer of the poster that we received with this crate. It came wrapped in plastic, with cardboard backing, and it’s a beautiful print. It’d be a really nice piece to get signed at a convention or even just to display in a small place on your wall. It’s not a huge print, just a bit smaller than a card envelope, but it’s beautiful and comes nicely packaged.

The last item was another phone charm to go along with last month’s theme. It’s a beautiful phone charm made of metal and the design is covered with plastic. It has both the string and the headphone jack ending, so it can be used with a plethora of devices. It’s a lovely charm, and it makes me wonder if these phone charms are the equivalent of the pins to the regular Loot Crate subscription.

Instead of the booklet to the normal Loot Crate, we received another poster. On one side, there’s every item in the box with a short description, and on the other side, we got a beautiful print of a magical girl. It’s a really nice poster, designed by Barachan.

The box, as usual, is beautifully designed! With a mainly purple color scheme, it goes very well with the theme.It’s a lovely box, even though it can’t be folded into something else, like the other Loot Crate boxes, but it’s still a beautiful box that would be wonderful to hold whatever you need it to hold!

All in all, I was very satisfied with this crate, even though I hadn’t watched many of the shows that were featured. It only gave me more of a reason to watch the included shows! It was worth the month wait, as Loot Crate did keep us updated with the status of the crates and what was happening. That kind of communication was very appreciated. I look forward to the next crate, which features more shows that I know! But I find this crate a great value, especially if you watch a wide range of anime. You can find out more on Lootcrate.com, where they have many other subscription boxes with all kinds of nerdy items!

The Wolf Among Us

Posted by Alora Phacia on January 13, 2016 at 3:35 PM Comments comments (0)


Prepare yourself so a tale that you most certain won't forget. Have you ever wanted to know what happened after the fairy tales after they got their fairy tale ending. The wolf among us explains it all. In an unforgettable story where you follow Bigby, and things in Fabletown are not as what they appear to be. The game is played in Telltales normal game fashion. Point and click action, where your character can interact with certain items and then action sequences.

Now at first, the game is slow and I wasn't into it as much as the Walking Dead, but I'm also a zombie addict. But as I continued into the storyline I fell in love with it like any Telltale Game. I didn't think I would seeing the hardship that fairytales I know and loved as a kid, where now living a life very much like mine. (And I mean Belle and Beast....I hope not the other stuff.) Though, I feel like being mean in that game...is really MEAN. I felt really really bad about some of the things you end up doing. But, I mean you are the Big Bad Wolf trying to turn your life around.

Definitely check it out! I did notice there are a lot of glitches, and twice I had to restart the game because it was messing up so much.


One Punch Man!

Posted by Alora Phacia on January 4, 2016 at 12:10 AM Comments comments (0)


ONE PUNCH!!!!!!!!!!!!

Are you ready to join Saitama and Genos on a fun journey of becoming a hero? Cause I was! The story is set in a City Z, where monsters and demons are EVERYWHERE! And of course the people need defending and saving, but who are they going to count on? Saitama is an incredibly powerful and average guy that finishes off the enemies with one punch. He is constantly bored due to this fact and keeps trying to find someone that will actually be a challenge.

This anime is hilarious. And some of the cosplay I have seen is just insane. Imagine Dragon Ball Z, but a lot faster pace. So we don't have to wait 20 episodes for a spirit bomb. If you want some fantastic action and good laughs watch it, I highly recommend it to everyone.


First Anime Loot Crate Review!!!!

Posted by KGabriele on December 12, 2015 at 4:25 PM Comments comments (0)

As much as I enjoyed the old Loot Crate, when I heard that they had come out with a subscription box that would feature purely anime items, I had to jump on board, unfortunately leaving my old subscription behind. But as many of you enjoy anime, I thought this would be a better investment, and man, was I far from disappointed!

As many of you know (at least if you’ve met me in real life), Attack on Titan is my favorite anime, and what was greeting me as I opened the box? The mug pictured above. Green and translucent, it has the Recon Corps logo emblazoned on one side and the anime’s title on the other, and I loved it! Since I got this box last month, it has since been used for hot chocolate and mug cakes. It’s a standard size, but I love the see-through quality of it. I’ve never seen translucent mugs before.

The next item that I took out of the box was one of the blind figure collections, this time featuring many fan favorites from Aniplex and FUNimation titles, like Black Butler, Attack on Titan, Fairy Tail, and Sword Art Online, along with others! When I opened mine, I was excited to find Soul “Eater” Evans from the anime of the same name, Soul Eater. He’s about an inch tall and he’s cute, currently sitting by my TV in my room.

Of course, Loot Crate is always known for having great t-shirts, and this was no exception! Coming from Naruto, we received a shirt from the Akatsuki group that all anime fans can at least say looks familiar, even if they haven’t read or watched Naruto. This shirt made me quite nostalgic, especially considering that the manga has ended, since it feels like forever since I’ve indulged. Maybe I should go back… is this the sign I was looking for?

Now, what anime crate would be complete without some manga to seal the deal? With the new release of the Netflix Exclusive anime, Seven Deadly Sins, this crate gave us the first book of the manga. Now, shamefully, I admit that I haven’t watched it yet, even though the main character is dubbed by the amazing Bryce Papenbrook, but nevertheless, having the manga gives me more of a reason to check it out!

The next item made me laugh, especially considering that I didn’t even know that these were a thing. Attack on Titan bandages are, in a way, kind of cruelly ironic, considering that band-aids won’t help many of the characters… but nonetheless, these are really cute little items! There weren’t too many of each design, so I’ll have to ration them, but they’re adorable and seem flexible, like any good quality bandage of its kind!

Instead of a magazine for this subscription box, the anime Loot Crates feature a poster with a cool anime design on the front and descriptions of each item on the back. I apologize for the picture being not of the best quality, but it was huge and I couldn’t hold it efficiently and snap a picture at the same time without falling head over heels in a bad way.

This little charm was put in the crate because I subscribed to the premier box of Loot Crate. I’m not sure what the Kanji says on it (bonus points and appreciation to those who can tell me!), but it was a nice, metal charm that I put on my camera after snapping the picture!

The Crate, as usual, was decorated, and I think it’s cute, especially considering that they featured many of the designs that would be great with the figure received in the box! It’s also a great sized box that I look forward to resending out with someone’s holiday gift in it… not sure who’s going to get which box though…. Nevertheless, this Loot Crate didn't come with the collectable pin that I'm used to seeing. Sure, there was a phone charm, but the pins were such a staple of the Loot Crate brand, I thought all of the related crates would have them, but oh well! Everything else was great! I'm not going to let it take away from my enjoyment! 

All in all, Loot Crate delivered quite well, and I look forward to the next anime box that I’ll be receiving later this month! These boxes are a bit more expensive, but I think they’re worth it if you like anime! Going for about $20 if you go one month at a time, I chose to go for three months at a time, but I’m probably going to update to the annual plan, since I like it so much! Definitely go check it out! The next theme is Enchant and promises items from Fairy Tail and other shows! Here’s my referral link (http://looted.by/dhBKV ) if you want to check out Loot Crate or any of it’s other crates (they have many, including one for your furry friend! And by furry friend I mean, your pet… just to clarify). All of them are good value and send like clockwork near the end of the month! I love these crates because they’re a great way to treat yourself without going crazy on merchandise that tends to be expensive, especially if you buy it at convention.

November Loot Crate Review - "Combat"

Posted by KGabriele on December 4, 2015 at 10:00 PM Comments comments (0)

As usual, I received my monthly Loot Crate, and I have to say that this will be the [foreseeably] last regular Loot Crate review that I do, because I switched my subscription over to the Anime Loot Crate subscription, because I’ll find more fandoms that I relate with! But, I have to say, that this month’s crate wasn’t as good as the others, though there were some items that were really stellar.

The first thing I opened was the blind figure pack from Blizzard’s Cute But Deadly series. I’m not extremely familiar with Blizzard’s games, as I’ve never played them, but the figures are cute and would make great stocking stuffers or even little Christmas presents if you don’t want to break the bank! I got a Zeratul, who, if you’re unfamiliar with Starcraft (I had to look it up myself), is an assassin hero. He’s a pretty cool figure who comes with his own translucent stand. I look forward to adding him to my developing figure collection! 

The next item was from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and they’re “Shredder shades”. As you can tell from the picture, they’re plastic sunglasses that make you look like the famed villain. These are great for kids, but older buyers of the Loot Crate might not care for them, as they’d give you an odd tan if you wore them to the beach, but nevertheless, for TMNT collectors, these are a nice item!

This is one of my favorite items in the crate, since I actually really love these movies, and I’m a sucker for collectable items. We have here, a Mockingjay pin from the newest Hunger Games movie. It’s a nice pin, and since there are all different designs of the Mockingjay, I didn’t have this one, and I’m glad that I have it now!

This Fallout 4 Vault-Tec bobble head is probably the nicest item in this crate. My brother has been playing a lot of Fallout 4, so this will definitely be one of his holiday presents! This is a nice quality bobble head, and it was packaged very sturdily, so he wasn’t broken. Especially considering that you collect these little guys in the game, having one in your collection is a must for any Fallout fan!

I wasn’t one-hundred percent sure why these were in the Loot Crate, besides being additional advertising, but they’ll definitely come in handy if I decide to regift some of the items. Though they’d come in handy if you wanted to use them for just your regular gifts, especially if you forget to buy holiday gift tags!

Going back to Blizzard’s items, this was another item I received that I found as I neared the bottom of the crate. To correspond with the Zeratul figure, I also received magnets that go with the Cute but Deadly series! These are cute magnets that are great for a locker or a college fridge! You have to be careful peeling them off from their sheet, since some of them peel if you’re not careful, but otherwise they look adorable!

Though I haven’t read the comics myself, these Loot Crate excusive covers are always great collectables. This Street Fighter comic is one that I’m not too familiar with, so I didn’t bother opening it as to preserve it’s “mint” condition. However, for people who collect comics, this would be a great addition, especially considering that I’ve seen people sell these “Loot Crate exclusives” to comic stores. It’s always great that Loot Crate caters to people of all fandoms, not just certain ones that are mainstream popular.

The Loot Crate pins are always great to have! Found at the bottom of my box, I love receiving these and putting them on the lanyard I use to keep them safe. The buttons are great, and remind me of a time years ago when I was in the Girl scouts.

The Loot Crate magazine is another great addition to every box and makes me excited to collect them. I have to say, one of my favorite parts of these magazines, are the front and back cover art. As you can see in the picture above, they’re always extraordinarily well-drawn to the theme, and captures what each of the crates represent. They also have relevant articles that are nice to read when you have some spare time!

The box is decorated like a long road, fitting to the Combat theme. This is one of those boxes that would make a fantastic shadowbox, though, personally, I plan to turn it inside out and use it for holiday presents! 

I enjoyed this box, but not as much as the last box, since I felt like the gift tags and the magnets were a bit cheap, and there weren’t too many fandoms that I was into. However, the Fallout 4 bobble head was the best item in this crate, in my opinion, but I wouldn’t count out the rest of the crates, as Loot Crate, for those of you who enjoy knick-knacks and other collectables, it’s a neat investment that you should definitely try out at least once! 

My Little Monster

Posted by Alora Phacia on November 11, 2015 at 9:55 AM Comments comments (0)


Welcome to the standard romantic comedy high school setting anime. The main character is a very cold girl named Shizuku Mizutani who has no interest in anything but studying. She's nicknamed "Dry ice" because of her cold behavior. Our other main character is Haru Yoshida, who sits next to Shizuku but never attends school. After Shizuku is asked to deliver class handouts to him, he greets her as a friend and his innocence and inability to have human interactions somehow touches her. Haru is known for being extremely violent, be he is actual gentle and nice under everything. Haru immediately declares his love for Shizuku and it takes her a bit longer to understand her feelings. The two unsociable characters continue to grow and make friends and we get to watch what happens.

Now I really really liked it at first. It was hilarious, just how cold Shizuku can be and how stupid Haru is. If you want just a standard romantic comedy it was a nice anime to watch. But as all things, at the end of the season I expected more to happen. Hopefully they will have a season two to answer all the unknown questions.